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Guwashi's yet another ASE (GyaASE)

GyaASE is a FPS game server browser using Ajax. I liked The All-Seeing Eye(ASE), but unfortunately ASE is dead now... So I created web-based yet another ASE clone.

Have fun :)

-- Guwashi


Because this site is a Web service, it continuously needs to pay the server management costs (rental server, payroll, etc.). If you enter from this link and buy something, I will get money about 3%-7% of purchase price. This money will spend on the server management costs. If you think you want to help this site, please buy something from this link :)

FPS Game Server Browser using Ajax






Please tell me your request, comment, idea, and bug report, etc.

Technical Information

Here is technical information about master server address, how to get server information, how to join game servers, etc.

Change Log



Guwashi / guwashi999 at gmail dot com
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